Italian Gastro-shopping in Torremolinos 

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You have arrived to Málaga tired from the airport, sometimes it’s late like 16.00 and the kitchens of the restaurants are close. When clients do do the pick up, they are told  ¡Welcome to your CamperVan! It will be your home in the nexts  days sometimes weeks.

First stop isto fill the fridge  in the supermarket, so we will be able to resolve the thing of the food and  doing a picnic wherever we want.  So now is necesary  to look for a place to park and also have something to eat. I would recommend confort food  of a restaurant that the kitchen is nonstop, there is a nice one in Carrefour Torremolinos with a  Italian Gastro Shop La Tarrantela It would be an amazing experience chossing the bolian mortadella, varieties of ‘salumi’ (salame, prosciutto etc.),  delicious different cheeses, olive oils and aged aceto balsamico from Modena, not to mention a wine shop.   Yo can have delicious pizza and italian food. My tip try the special Italian coffee.

You can get to the shop with this link    In the shop mall next of the Tarrantela you have a Gastro Shop of Iberic called El Gourmet del Jamón products and they are a local family so nice. You can ask for just cut iberic ham. Going to enjoy.

    And for breakfast for tomorrow freshly-baked breads in La Canasta also from a step.After you can go to buy all the bath staff you need in Carrefour that have very nice prices.And we are ready. Near this place the app of Park for night I suggest you download recomends some spots so you can have a nice nap or a walk in the forest in a place call El pinar de Torremolinos. When you rest a bit I recomed you to go to A special botanic garden where the water is the protagonist, its very easy to park in the front side.   Enjoy your day!