Road Trip Andalucía. Fascinating Cordoba

By María Isabel Iribarren Martín 

We are now heading for the province of Cordoba. The capital city is a fascinating place full of history, where the Romans, the Jews, the Muslims and the Christians all left their mark. In the city you can visit the Roman Bridge, the Mosque-Cathedral, the Synagogue, the Alcazar gardens and the Jewish quarter (the Juderia) full of amaizing bars and restaurants. Try the taberna Guzman for a glass of local Montilla wine. If you come in May you can’t miss the famous Patios when the residents open the doors of their courtyards to allow you to see the marvellous display of flowering plants covering the walls.

If you want to tour the province there is a lot of very interesting small towns to explore. Whatch the eagles at Hornachuelos, sample the liqueurs and cakes in Rute, see Almodovar del Rio, Lucena and many more places.

There is a good number of camping sites to choose from as well as small rural hotels. Enjoy your stay.

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