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And now we go to Jaen. This province is unique  by María Isabel Iribarren.

Has the bigest Natural park in Spain at the same time it has the largest extension of olive plantations, and and a very well preserved incredible arquitecture.

We will start with Jaen city with its Castle of Santa Catalina, a hilltop mediaval castle with a Hotel-Parador, worth spending a night there or sampling the typical degustation menu in the restaurant. The Cathedral is also worth a visit. Or the Museum of Naive Art may interest you.

The Sierra de Cazorla, segura y las Villas is an unspoilt area, full of animal life, deers, rabits, montain goats etc and the landscape is amaizing. You can take a rute from Las Herrerias to the source of the Guadalquivir River, most enjoyable.

Despeñaperros nature Park with its Roman road and trail is also worth a visit.

Then there are the two historical cities of Ubeda and Baeza with their unique monuments. Andujar and the Santuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza ( Our lady of the Head) ,situated in a Nature Park, great views and you may see deer there. A pilgrimage takes place every year and hundreds of people climb the mountain to follow the procession.

And dont forget the gastronomy of the region. Worth sampling it.

Enjoy Jaen

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